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Rev. Miguel Denyer – Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Hi! My name is Miguel Denyer and I am the founder of Captured Wilderness Nature & Wildlife Photography.

I have always had an interest in wildlife and nature – as a young boy, I used to play in the woods and hillsides of my hometown of Llandovery in Wales, United Kingdom, where I spent many hours discovering nature and the wildlife around me.
Throughout my childhood, my parents instilled in me, a deep and abiding respect, and huge interest for nature which, I have maintained my entire life.

I haven’t always been a photographer – After 8 years service in the British Armed Forces as an Airman in the Royal Air Force, my start down the path of photography came in the late 1990’s, while working as a private sector Personal Security Specialist & Private Investigator. This is where I learned the basics of photography, and back then I had a Minolta Dynax 35mm film SLR with a single telephoto zoom lens (today I have a Canon 7D Mk II and a number of different Sigma lenses including a couple of wide angle landscape lenses, a super telephoto zoom lens, and a 150mm Macro lens – plus a host of different camera ancillaries and different software packages for post-processing work).

I moved to the State of Michigan in the United States back in September of 2001 after meeting my wife, and I have lived here very happily ever since.

It wasn’t until more recently that I got into nature and wildlife photography – I became ill in 2014 after suffering a couple of minor strokes which, forced me to retire from my old profession… Of course, I very quickly grew bored with being out of work and now medically retired, so I decided to put my interest in nature into the pot with my skill in using a camera (although going from film cameras where a dedicated camera store did all my processing – to the digital DSLR format where I now had to learn how to do my own processing in the digital darkroom was a bit of a steep learning curve).

What I discovered was that I have a natural talent for nature and wildlife photography – which brings us to today – I am now a full-time professional wildlife photographer… so there you have it… my life in a nutshell from my youth, through my military years, my start down the path of a photographer and up to today… I hope that the future will bring many more years of enjoyable photography, and many more new friends with which to share my work.

So I hope you like this website and I hope you enjoy my photographic works of art as much as I enjoy producing them.

Rev. Miguel “Mike” Denyer
Captured Wilderness
Nature & Wildlife Photography

End note:

All of the images featured on this site (and indeed all of my images) are available for sale as fine art photographic prints and for licensing for educational, commercial, or editorial purposes – please contact me for more details.

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