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Wildlife Photography Workshop – Camouflage & Concealment @ Kensington Metropark Nature Area
Apr 29 all-day

During this workshop, attendees will learn the basics about camouflage and concealment:

    Why things are seen.

    How to camouflage yourself and your equipment.

    Camouflage for stalking (movement).

    Building a natural hide.

There are no tickets for this event, you can either pay in advance (preferred) using credit card (via PayPal Here™ or Square™) or PayPal™, or you can simply pay cash on the day.

You will need to bring certain items with you on the day, a full kit list will be sent out to all those subscribing to the workshop.

You will need to provide your own sustenance on the day also – we will stop for meal breaks but it is advised that you bring packed lunch and plenty of fluids.

A Presentation on Nature & Wildlife Photography @ Garden City Public Library
Dec 14 @ 18:00 – 20:00

I will be putting on a presentation of my work at the Garden City Library on the date shown.  The presentation will include a little about how I got into Nature & Wildlife Photography, some technical info about how I do what I do and a visual tour of some of my work.  The event is free but those attending are encouraged to consider purchasing artwork at the event.

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